Costa Rica – Guidelines for tourism companies about how to react in case of witnessing suspicious situations of commercial sexual exploitation of children – Paniamor & the Costa Rican Tourism Foundation Institute

Tourism businesses should have a policy of zero tolerance towards any form of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and are committed to ensuring compliance with the rights of minors. This policy forces the companies to refuse, prevent it from happening and report to the competent authorities any suspicious situation of CSEC.
This guide is a protocol aimed at tourism businesses in the detection and reporting to the competent authorities of any suspicious situation of CSEC. Many companies when they detect a suspicious situation they do is refuse service they provide, which is fine but not enough to prevent the offense is committed. Companies must take a step further and take part and report to the competent authorities. It is the only way to go running to the crime.
It is hoped that this guide serves as a resource for training 100% of the staff of tourism businesses.
These guidelines are currently only available in Spanish.

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