Comparison of European low-threshold reporting mechanisms

Comparison of European low-threshold reporting mechanisms to gather good practices and needs is part of the “ALERT ACTORS REPORT: A protective environment for children to live free from sexual exploitation in the travel/tourism/hospitality sector” European project.

States have taken important steps to build child-friendly hotlines and reporting mechanisms, but these methods remain underused by victims of sexual exploitation. According to a recent study, children exploited in prostitution or pornography are particularly unlikely to report abuse: many do not perceive themselves as victims, distrust the justice system, risk retaliation and stigma and fear long-term placement in government facilities. Since children’s silence about sexual exploitation appears to be the number one barrier to their ability to access justice and one of the most difficult to overcome, reporting by bystanders and professionals is crucial.

This comparative research gathers information and analyzes data from five low-threshold reporting websites: the international reporting platform and national reporting mechanisms in four European countries.